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Organic Metal?

We strive to product the finest quality products you can purchase, and that all starts with one simple concept, the right ingredients.  In our case it’s actually the raw materials, basically the stuff we make our stuff from.  I know it sounds so technical, but the simple fact is our stuff is special, real special.  How do we know?  Actually we have it tested.

So, what are we really talking about?

The simple fact is we are a foundry, we take metal and melt it down and cast it into the great shapes you see here today, there is no magic.  Where that metal comes from is the beginning of our discussion.  Our metal comes from trusted facilities that can provide a certificate of analysis as to the content of the metal.  Currently, we only use California Metal Exchange, located in Southern California and they’ve been in business a long time and they are trusted.  We use silicon bronze called Everdur with a trade name of C87300 and you can look it up at  It has a nominal composition of 95% copper, 1% tin, 4% silicon and is incredibly tough stuff.  Kind of like organic metal.

So why does that matter?

It’s because not everybody buys the ‘good stuff’, sometimes they just go down to old recycle place and buy it from them, it costs less and they’ll even help load it, usually with a big scoop.  In that big scoop, well…that’s where things get a little questionable. 

  • Old copper pipe, fine.
  • Old fittings with solder, that might contain lead, fine.
  • Old automotive radiator cores, that might contain lead, fine.

Actually, you would be surprised what you can hide in metal once you melt it down, keys, cellphones, car batteries, lithium batteries, heavy metals, you name it after you throw it in the pot and give it a good stir everything disappears and out pours a shiny gold colored metal.  Around and around it goes and what’s in it nobody knows.

Of course we’re not talking about our competition down the street.  We’re talking about the products that are imported from other nations that might not be so concerned with the quality of products that they produce. 

Ok, I know how it sounds, blame China and India.  Think about this, most of our products handle water and over time those chemicals leach out into the water, maybe not on the first day, but it does happen, with a 100% guarantee.  Both of those countries are considered some of the most polluted places on earth, where the air is so thick you can’t see the sun at noon.  They don’t even bother discussing the water in their country.  Do you think they care what happens to our water?  Or what happens to your family when exposed to it long term?

We do.