Medium Length Scuppers

All medium length scuppers from Black Oak Foundry feature solid copper, brass, and bronze construction featuring food grade solder and brazing materials, allowing for use around your family, pets, and fish pond applications.   

Spout length is just over 5 inches from the back plate, all feature 1-1/2 inch female NPT connection, all include black ABS 1-1/2 inch male NPT to slip adapter.  Support pin where necessary is stainless steel, all include a grounding lug.

All Scuppers on this page are made in our facility, if you have special requirements please or a unique application please let know.   

Simple Scupper

Featuring a simple brass backplate, our Simple Scuppers have a understated simplicity that is a great addition to project.


Touch of Elegance

For more elegant option, our Touch of Elegance scuppers provide a larger visual presence, without overstatement.


Roman Opulence

For true eye catching appeal, nothing exceeds our Roman Opulence line of scuppers, with pieces as large as 12x12 they truly can be the centerpiece of the water feature.