Our products are hand made from the finest materials available, made specifically for your order, by our craftsmen. The finish is the final step, where we impart the final characteristics, the look that will determine everything.

Catalog Decos

Notes on Finishes:

We do ‘this’ a lot, some might say we have an eye for it, the point is, I would like to believe we’re experts in what will look great most of the time. If you’re request one of the uncommon finishes, don’t be surprised if we give you a call and discuss your color palette or what you’re trying to achieve with this feature. On the other side, if you’re not too sure what you’re trying to achieve, give us a call, we’ll get you there.

Our goal is simple; whether the architect, designer, contractor, installer, customer or the person walking by,
 we want to impress you.

In House Finishes

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Oil Rubbed Bronze (ORB) is our most popular finish, consisting over 80% of our finishes applied, it 's the go to, get it done, best overall finish we have. Where the magic comes in is the highlights, all the finishes are ORB, the difference is the highlight. An excellent value, a very short lead time, and the universal nature of the color in the landscape will make make Oil Rubbed Bronze your go to finish as well.

Very Little Highlight


Just enough to break up the monochromatic nature of the patina. You may not even notice it, maybe if the light is right, maybe yes, maybe no.

Conservative Highlights


We highlight the highlights, this is what we use for items that have some distinguished features, like the background grapes and leaves of the Sonoma.

Bold Highlights


We take the distinguished features and really push the envelope. Creating more of an effect, like a visual 'POP'.

Extreme Highlights


We reverse the finish and remove most of the finish exposing the base metal. It's a 'WOW'

Notes on Highlights:

The level of highlight you choose depends on your project and tastes, for the most part we have a good idea what works best for most applications. But if your desires are running to the more bold or extreme options, please contact us, often we will have a few pictures of a similar finish and will be able to assist you with your choice.

Almost Black

Almost Black

As the name implies Almost Black is just that, it’s about as black as we can get it. Most people would consider it a true black, and unless you’re going to get out your handy Pantone Chips, you would probably consider it Black. Available with the same highlights as Oil Rubbed Bronze (above).

Antique Bronze

Antique Bronze Davinci

Our Antique Bronze finish has highlights pre-polished and then the entire product is given a light patina, the overall color is a light tan, like a sugar cookie, or “a bronze tan”. If desired we can brass plate the bronze products for the traditional antique brass appearance.

Antique Brass-American Style

Short Square-Old

I’m old enough to know what actual Antique Brass looks like, this works well with the brass back plated items, and often we just call it ‘Old’, if the product has some copper it gives a great ‘Steam Punk’ effect.

Antique Brass -Italian Style


Our Italian Spouts come with a very classical Italian version of Antique Brass, gives a warm and glowing finish that is sure to dazzle. Available only on Italian Spouts.

Special in House Finishes

Special In House Finishes are fun finishes where we use a combination of techniques to get to a unique look that you wouldn’t necessarily expect. Bold, different, and inspiring, Special In House Finishes provide that unique look, that is budget friendly, and a fraction of the time of a ‘Sent out Finish’ shown in the following section.

Two Tone

Centurion Spout 1

Many of our products have some special finish options, such as this Centurion Spout with a ORB backplate with Conservative Highlights and the spout in Antique Brass. Products of this class, we’ll contact you with finish options and let you chose what’s best for your application.

Two Tone Reversed

Black Duck

Here we have the Verona Spout (AKA the Crazy Duck) with an extremely highlighted backplate and a black duck, we've done them with a light and dark duck, they both look great, just a personal preference.

Steam Punk


Steam Punk is actually a version of Antique Brass American Style, with two types of metal it gives a Jules Verne type effect.

In the Raw


We make most of our metal products available 'in the raw' which means you can get it the same way we would deliver it to our finisher.  That's fine with us, we warranty our products with or without a finish, our craftsmanship stands on it's own.  And if your idea for a finish doesn't work out, send it back and we'll charge you the exact same amount to put the finish on in the first place.

Finishes-Sent Out

Specialty finishes shown here are sent to an outside service for finishing, as the name implies this is a specialty service and does add time to the completion of your order, you will want to contact us when placing your order to get a lead time estimate as depending on the season it can be considerable.

The company we use does museum quality work and finishes sculptures and other artistic pieces for a number of artists in Southern California.

Antique Pewter


Striking in appearance, Antique Pewter, brings the bold. The entire product is nickel plated, and then black nickel plated, and the highlights are revealed leaving the dark areas in the background. This works well for curvy and sculpted designs, this finish is available only on those types of shapes.

Brushed Pewter

2 Deco Square-Pewter

This is modern. The entire product is nickel plated, and then black nickel plated, and the highlights are revealed along straight lines. This works well for designs with straight lines, of flat surfaces, this finish is available only on those types of shapes.

Distressed Copper


Go RED. Distressed Copper, is the reddest finish we offer, available a little redder or a little darker. It is an exceptionally bold color.

Penny Copper


Penny Copper is an extra thick layer of copper plating over everything, the copper is left un-sealed, so it can verde naturally. This is useful because the backplate and the spout are different metals and the customer wanted an even natural Verde.