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With the ability to ‘throw’ water away from the wall, emitters are a perfect choice when trying to give visual depth to your water feature, great for around pools and other places where the space in front of the emitter is large.


Giving a sense of wealth and plentiful, scuppers portray a majestic feeling that is difficult to put to words yet very tangible when you’re sitting next to it.  Excellent to portray a regal feeling and an ambiance that is hard to match.


Water in motion provides an incredible feeling, but to have additional pools and cascades adds a new dynamic.  Our bowls span the range of the opulent to the practical, available in every color of the rainbow we have a bowl for you.


The humble spout is a key part of any water feature.  Our humble version is based on designs that can still be found throughout Tuscany and Rome even today.  From the small private garden to the commercial thoroughfare we have a spout for your design.