Social Media Information Submission

Thank You for providing information so we may produce a social media post.

The goal of our social media program is to generate interest and excitement in the work that you do, promote the craftsmanship and creativity you have brought to the project, subsequently promote your business and generate actionable sales leads.  We understand our product plays a very small role in the overall project, yet due to the nature of our product we tend to be used on higher end projects that showcase very well. 

Instructions for Social Media

First of all, let’s get your information correct.  We want to make sure potential customers can contact you.


See our Social Media Example page here

  • Contact Information

    Information in this section will be used only for contacting you about the social media post, this information will not be published.
  • Information we will use on Social Feed

    Information in this section will be published on the social feed and visible to the public, please make sure you use full company name, phone number, email and other information that will most appropriate for a sales and marketing.
  • Tell us what you used/invoice/order number.
  • Tell us what you did, highlights of the project, things you want mentioned. Our professional writer will use this information as the basis for the story and craft the remaining pieces.