Colors and Finishes

Many of our metal products come in a choice of colors and finishes for you to choose from, and it is often one of the more difficult design choices to be had.  We think it's important to understand a little about the process, and maybe shed a little light on how it all works.

We use an external service for all of our finishes. 

We're experts at casting and fabricating the finest products you can purchase, they are experts at making it look like it.  We view it as we are the canvas makers and they are the artists.  If the canvas lasts for 1,000 years we did our job, if you cherish it for 1,000 years, they did theirs.

Some finishes take longer than others.

Making good art takes time and simply sometimes the rare color takes a little longer to get done.  Some of our finishes take a multi-step hugely labor intensive process, involving layer upon layer of painstaking attention to detail, that simply takes time to get it right.

Good finishing is not free.

We strive to make the finest metal products you can purchase, most of our products meet the NSF 61 compliance standard for drinking water, which means it's safe for you, around your kids, your fish, your dog can drink from it and you don't have to worry about some weird side effects.  With that much pride and quality that goes into our product, we just couldn't slap some spray can finish on it, more importantly, we know you deserve a finish stand up to your environment and age gracefully in the process.  Hugely more important, it had to be safe around you, your kids, your dog, your life.

In the raw.

We make most of our metal products available 'in the raw' which means you can get it the same way we would deliver it to our finisher.  That's fine with us, we warranty our products with or without a finish, our craftsmanship stands on it's own.  And if your idea for a finish doesn't work out, send it back and we'll charge you the exact same amount to put the finish on in the first place.

Oil Rubbed Bronze-Medium

Oil Rubbed Bronze-Medium is our most popular color by far, covering about 80%+ of our orders.

A deep rich color, with subtle hints of brown and maybe a little black, it is the go-to color if you want that overall classy look.

Oil Rubbed Bronze-Dark

Slightly darker than Medium, Oil Rubbed Bronze-Dark is our darkest color, almost a black, but not quite.  In the truest sense it is a very dark charcoal, with practically all the brown of it's lighter version darkened very deep.

Oil Rubbed Bronze-Light

Oil Rubbed Bronze-Light offers significantly more brown to the look, with the look of aged leather, it offers a warmth none of our other colors can come close to, warm, inviting, yet surprisingly bold.


Antique Brass

Coming in between a yellow and a brown, Antique Brass brings that 'something old, something new' all on one exciting color.  Pair with weathered browns to give the right amount of pop, without being over the top.


Distressed Copper

With the deep red of the copper and the darkening of age, our Distressed Copper finish brings a a warm melancholy to the setting, something aged, but with true character that warms the heart.

Brushed Nickel

The coolness of a satin nickel finish, with hints of dark brush strokes along the long lines.  Ideal for items with long lines or larger flat surfaces where brush strokes will be visible.

Antique Pewter

With a look similar to Brushed Nickel, Antique Pewter comes in a little grayer, maybe a hint of copper, darkened sporadically without a pattern and no visible brush strokes.