Handmade Copper Spouts with Glass Backplates


Are You Looking for a Spark of Color in Your Next Project?

We can work together.

Over the holidays, we developed the process to make Mini-Backplates for our large and small copper spouts that can be used with Courtyard Spouts and our Droop Spouts.  Seen here: https://blackoakfoundry.com/spouts-handmade/

If you would be willing to provide pictures that can be used for marketing purposes, we would be willing to give the backplates for free. You need to purchase the bare spout, but we can work out something for that on a case-by-case basis.

Technical Details:

We use Bullseye COE 90 Glass medium frit, available in various colors. You can check their website here: https://shop.bullseyeglass.com/accessory-glass/frit-powder?custitem_facet_gauge=Medium-Frit

We have a few colors currently on hand:

  • 000100-Black Opalescent
  • 000114-Cobalt Blue Opalescent
  • 000120-Canary Yellow Opalescent
  • 000024-Tomato Red Opalescent
  • 001101-Clear Transparent (would be neat for LED placed behind the spout)

If you would like to discuss this more, please get in touch with us at Sales@BlackOakFoundry.com