Droop Spouts

Dimensions and Features

Droop spouts feature a copper construction with a copper scroll forming the support. Scroll and support are secured with a copper strap, and the entire assembly is brazed and soldered with food and water safe materials.

Connection is solid brass, threaded in 1/2" NPT for the small spouts, 3/4"NPT for the large spouts.

Spout Connection Snip
Connection Piece Snip

Droop spouts DO NOT have a support pin. Scroll is slightly bendable, allowing it to be rotated slightly to allow for variations in the mounting surface, and is purely aesthetic.

Support No-Pin Snip

Measurement is from the tip of the spout to the beginning of the brass connection fitting and the top of the body to the bottom of the scroll. Dimensions are nominal and vary from piece to piece.

Spouts are handmade and vary from piece to piece; we make sure to match sets to fill orders, both in alignment and patina. If you order a sample, you may need to return it so we can match the remaining pieces. Spouts are is very customizable; if you have special requirements, please ask.

Small Droop
Large Droop
Large Small Droop Overlay