Black Oak Foundry has a complete line of Bronze and Brass Scuppers perfect for use with your fountain, pool or other water feature.

Containing no lead or other heavy metal contaminates our products are made with the same strict standards required for food and drinking water,so it's safe to use around your family for today and forever*. 

*Our products do NOT last forever, nothing tangible really does, but we're pretty sure they will last at least a few thousand years, and that sounds pretty close to forever to us.

All Scuppers from Black Oak Foundry are made in the USA in our facility using the highest quality materials.  All products include an attached grounding lug and meet all known code requirements across the United States for use in fountains, water features and swimming pools.

Available in a wide range of finishes, styles and options.  Please click a link below to see a category.

Shop Short Length Scuppers

Short length scuppers are preferred in cases where your water feature doesn't have a lot of depth, with projections as little as 3 inches, our short length scuppers fit where others don’t.

Shop Medium Length Scuppers

Medium length scuppers with projections starting at 6 inches are our most popular choice and provide what would be considered the classic scupper look for your water feature.

Shop Deco Scuppers

With a contemporary look, Deco scuppers make a bold statement without a lot of fuss.  Available in a wide range of sizes, Deco’s are also easily customized for your next project.